Inkawu African Expedition


Inkawu African Expeditions provides one of the best wilderness experience in Africa with an unforgettable journey full of authenticy and African experience based in cultural adventures. With positivve lasting impression, Inkawu African Expedition will create a safari experience of a lifetime. For a special and unique experience contact;



Gadgetronix was founded in early 2009, where they specilize in array of areas and stand as suppliers for various kinds of electronic and technical base. As pioneers of sollar energy in Tanzania, the best quality of products are sourced from reputable International suppliers and the best services are provided. For electronic and technical services contact; [...]

Café Amimza Branding


Café Amimza is a brand of Amimza Ltd. Amimza has the largest Instant Coffee production factory in East Africa. Based in Bukoba, it has been supplying coffee to the world for the last 20 years. Under the Café Amimza brand name, consumers will now be able to enjoy premium instant coffee produced in the [...]