A landing page is a web page designed specifically to convert visitors into leads. Users will reach this web page after clicking on an internet advertisement, or a banner located on another web page or internet portal.

Landing pages should always be used as an extension of a paid advertisement, where the offer of the product or service is explained in more detail.

If we take into account that today most Internet users stay on a website for less than 10 seconds a landing page becomes a “fundamental tool” to maximize your sales over the Internet.

Its is the best solution to communicate the advantages of a specific product or service, the difference between the company and the competition and any substantial offer.

What characteristics should a Landing Page have?

Meet the expectations generated by the ad

The person who clicks on a given advertisement expects more information regarding that offer. Avoid using it to place general information about your company, your website is used for that.

Specific information

It must be simple to read, structured, direct and “clean”. No visual noise that distracts the visitor. Use short and summarized texts, remember that whoever lands on your Landing Page will try to gather relevant information quickly.

Content custom-made for the client

Write texts that generate trust and credibility. (Include testimonials of use, Warranty periods, Awards, etc)

Guide the visitor

Highlight the “value proposition”, invite action: for example “subscribe to our our newsletter” or directly purchase or contract the product or service that is being offered

Monitor and Measure

This is a comprehensive service that you must apply in all your online marketing strategy. But for a landing page there are specific metrics, to optimize its use and increase its conversion

When should I use it for?

You should have a landing page every time you advertise your products or services through internet and specially:

1- When your company launches a new product or service

2- When your company wants to increase brand awareness

3- When your company needs to generate new leads

The anatomy of the perfect Landing page

Take a look at the following infographic from Touch and Convert

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