These are some social media tools that you should be using to manage your network like a pro.

Social networks are evolving and changing constantly, adding value to your content and opening doors to new needs that you didn´t think you have.

With so much change, sometimes you can think that being innovative in the field of digital marketing is getting out of hand … And you´re right! But don´t worry, we are here to tell you what tools to use to enhance your presence in social networks.

Let’s see!


What is it for? Conceptualize and create content.

Quuu is a very useful tool for those who need a little push when it comes to creating the best ideas for their content.

What does it offer? Select personalized content according to your interests and those of your audience to enhance your inspiration and make your work easier when creating your own content. You only have to worry about filtering your topics of interest, connect the tool with your Hubspot or Buffer account and browse among the more than 300 topics that Quu has to offer you.

In summary, Quuu is an easy-to-use tool, relatively cheap (you can spend a maximum of $ 30 a month with its premium version) and extremely useful if you do not have time to exploit your creativity.


What is it for? Track your brand mentions on the web

This tool is based on enhancing your Social Listening. That is, to know for sure what is said about you by tracking every corner of the internet.

What does it offer? One of the strengths of Brand24 is it detects considerable changes in the volume of comments with reference to your brand. It gives you the ability to track brand mentions and. Using this tool you can detect if something out of the ordinary has happened and protect your brand’s image in time.

Another of its qualities is the ability to detect potential leads and attract them to your brand. How? Looking for comments related to your product through keywords. Brand24 also has an analytical part in which you can compare the volume of mentions of your brand with the volume of mentions of competitor brands.


What is it for? Content analysis and optimization

Oktopost is a tool focused on B2B companies. It works directly in the conversion and optimization of leads.

What does it offer? A great variety of integrated tools to organize and measure how your content is working in a certain period of time. One of the most useful features of Oktopost is the ability to track real KPIs from your posts on social networks. That is, you can know exactly what post you have converted to a specific lead, which opens a wide window of possibilities to learn about your audience.


What is it for? Video content creation.

Including a video in a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 200-300%. You should definitely include it in your content strategy in social networks. It is true, producing a video requires time and resources, two factors that not everyone can have. To solve this problem, Rocketium transforms text and images into video in an easy and attractive way.

What does it offer? The possibility of creating attractive videos, with superimposed text, adding filters, images, pre-designed themes, etc. In addition, you can choose in which format you want to publish your video (Portrait, Landscape or square).


What is it for? Improve the flow of content and its approval.

What does it offer? This tool is very useful when it comes to speeding up the approval and content management work. It shows a complete editorial calendar in which you can add, review and modify the post that will later be upload to the different platforms. In addition, it has interesting functions such as the possibility of exporting the document to PDF or CSV.

Buffer Reply

What is it for? Customer Support.

While it is true that publishing content is the basis of any strategy, it is not everything. Do not forget that one of the basic pillars to maintain in your social network strategy is engagement. To enhance this aspect, it is important to answer each and every one of the messages that you receive in social networks. Sometimes, the volume of work that this requires is high and might lead to a slow response rate.

What does it offer? Buffer Reply converts the comments received in your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts into conversations organized by date, time and user, in a single inbox. Most social networking tools focus their functions on the publication and analysis of content, leaving aside the interaction with the user. Buffer reply offers the possibility of assigning conversations to different people in the customer service team. It can detect influencers with ease and review old conversations without having to scroll for hours.


What is it for? Design and preview your Instagram feed

What does it offer? Unum gives you the ability to unify the aesthetics of your Instagram feed and plan your content. It does this by simulating how the content would be in your official account without the need to publish them. In addition, using Unum you can also edit your photos, assign them a key and main theme. You can also plan the publication of contents according to the moment in which your users are most active.


What is it for? Content programming

Hootsuite is the alternative to Buffer, but it offers a more exhaustive analysis of how your content is working. It helps you optimize what, how and when to publish based on your own experience. The Free version allows you to connect up to 3 social media accounts. You must give it a try.

What does it offer? Hootsuite goes beyond creating customizable graphics and statistics. It also gives you the possibility to publish your content according to the time slot in which your audience is most active.


What is it for?  It is a multifunctional tool that helps build an appropriate audience for your brand by creating statistics and analyzing your consumer from minute one.

What does it offer? This tool can be integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Linkedin only. Probably it will also allow Instagram in the future. Its main objective is to boost the engagement of your brand. But unlike other social networking tools, it also organizes comments and interactions by section and social network to facilitate the work of Customer Service. Results? A happy audience


What is it for? Simplify the Facebook Business Manager interface to promote a specific campaign or post.

What does it offer? The possibility of maximizing traffic with a limited budget and a considerable time saving by automating the promotion of those posts that have better ER. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get your hands on it, you gain time and can even save money.

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