Tanzania is a growing market and offers lots of potential for investors. When people think about Tanzania as a potential market, many things come to mind but the internet isn’t one of them. Have you ever thought about the potential of Social Media in the country?

Many businesses tend to overlook this part of marketing not realizing that it’s up for the taking. Data from the year of 2014 from the Ministry of Communication, Science, and Technology shows that there are 9 million internet users in Tanzania (a large percent of this number is on mobile).

The numbers don’t seem to be slowing down either with the user base expected to increase due to the decreased costs of smartphones and PCs alike. Social Media Marketing in Tanzania is going to be a game changer for companies that choose to embrace it.

 The role Social Media Has to Play in Business Growth

We won’t go in depth with this, but social media has a role to play in the growth of your business. An important part of the marketing process is making sure that your client/customer is satisfied. This not only gives you a return customer but a promoter as well.

Word of Mouth is still the best way to grow your business and reach more potential customers. You can spend millions on advertising, but as long as you have unsatisfied customers, your business might not scale as much as it should. Where does Social Media come in? It allows you to be on top and know what people are saying about your company.

Customer Retention and Lead Generation

You can quickly and easily respond to negative conversations about you online. Social media gives you a general idea of the perception that people have about your brand.

Companies have leveraged the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter for the aforementioned purpose. Facebook pages/twitter have been utilized mostly by companies to quickly reply to complaints and resolve issues. A great example would be the TANESCO page on Facebook.

In addition to that, social media management does allow you to present your company/brand in a positive light, thus helping you generate leads as well. The use of marketing programs such as competitions and giveaways online also get the job done.

Keeping an Eye on The Competition

With social media marketing in Tanzania, you can get to check on your competitors and the industry as a whole. More and more companies in Tanzania are ensuring that they have an online presence. You can simply have a look at the Telecom companies, each and every one of them is online.

We are also online to utilize the potential that this space offers.  Social media allows you to quickly know what strategy your competitor is employing, what’s new in your area of expertise or what’s changing about your industry.

Social Media management in Tanzania is a train that you want to be on if you want your business to stay ahead of its competition. The benefits of employing a social media strategy in Tanzania are numerous not only to you but to your consumers as well.

If you want to get more information about how social media marketing can grow your business by pushing your sales just get in touch with us