Wikipedia defines internet advertising as “a form of marketing and advertising which uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers”. Internet advertising is much more efficient than traditional advertising techniques such as print media, radio or TV. Let’s see why…

Why your business should invest in Internet Advertising?

More than 70% of the traffic on the internet starts with a search in Google. Online advertising puts your brand at the top of search results for queries relevant to your brand and audience. This valuable form of advertising can provide your brand with an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, having a great impact on your revenue growth.

Some of the advantages that you stand to get are:

It’s cost-effective

Online advertising is more cost effective when compared to traditional advertising. Advertising on the internet costs less and can reach more people. It’s flexible as you can choose to pay per click or allocate a daily, weekly or monthly budget. In addition, you get to segment and ensure that your ad is seen by your intended audience.

Offers data analysis and Tracking

Digital advertising allows you to track how well your advert is doing. You can see how effective your ad is, how many people it has reached and the number of persons that have click on the ad. All this data is crucial to measure your success and calculate your return on investment very accurately.

More engagement than the traditional forms of advertising

Facebook and Instagram allow users to comment and interact with ads. As a business, you can use this to get the responses that you want. The responses could be having them fill in a form or share the ad (thus increasing the number of people who see it). The engagement levels in internet advertising can help your business grow and better address your customer’s needs.

Better targeting

When taking up a flyer or a billboard, you advertise to many different people hoping that some will turn to be a potential customer. These people being advertised to are not always part of your target market. The concept operates differently when advertising on the internet. As a business, you get to develop and enhance your ads such that only those who fit your target market see them.

Types of Online Advertising

Like Traditional advertising, there are different ways to advertise on the internet. There are mainly two types of online advertising. Social Media advertising and Search Engine Advertising, let’s expand on the two:

Social Media Advertising

As the name implies, this form of advertising uses social media to promote services or products. The platform that you choose to use will depend on the location your business is in. For instance, in Tanzania, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular.

Search Engine Advertising

This form of advertising is used by the major search engines such as Google and Bing.There are two forms of search engine advertising; Search network and Display network. They both serve a purpose. The one that will work best for your business depends on the goals you had set.

internet marketing; display ads examples

An example of search networks

internet advertising display networks tanzania

An example of display network

We will talk about each of them in depth in future articles

Payment Options for Online advertising

The last thing you need to know about online advertising is the different payment options available.


CPC is an abbreviation for Cost Per Click. This model uses a system where the advertiser only pays when the ad is clicked on. It’s used when the main goal of the ad is to get a conversion from a specific action. Actions such as, sign up to a service, ask for information through a contact form, make a purchase, make a telephone call and much more. If you are looking for easy conversions, bring traffic to an external page, or increase sales and you have a small budget, CPC campaigns are the best solution since they allow you evaluate the performance and conversion of your Campaign, and only pay when a user clicks on your ad.


On the other side, we have CPM, it’s an abbreviation for Cost Per Mille or thousand impressions. This model involves the advertiser paying for every time the Ad is shown 1,000 times. CPM is the best option, especially for large campaigns where the budget is high. You can combine these CPM campaigns, and do hundreds of different examples to finally stay with those who have a better conversion.

Advertising on the internet is great as it opens your business up to a whole new landscape. You don’t need to stop using traditional forms of advertising. Instead, you can complement it with internet advertising. You can use TV or radio to guide people to your online adverts or pages. If you’re looking for experts on Internet advertising to grow your sales and business, then just get in touch with us