We can all agree that social media is changing the way businesses operate. It open doors for both new as well as established businesses.

As a business, you need to include a plan for a social media strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy. This is why we have taken the time to help you understand social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The term “social media marketing” might be something new to your ears. You might be wondering, what form of marketing is this?… And, will it help grow my business?

To answer these questions, we first need to define and understand what this marketing method is all about.

Social Media marketing involves the use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram to create and share content with users in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.

For this form of marketing to be successful, you need to have users and on top of that, you need to have a goal(s). The goal(s) is what will guide you in formulating a good strategy.

Example of Goals:

  • Brand awareness
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Distribution
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Etc..

Many brands in Tanzania are using social media to communicate their message to their audiences. This allows them to build brand awareness, attain loyal customers and drive sales.

As a business owner in Tanzania, you need to ensure that your business has a strong social media presence.

Now that you know a bit about social media marketing, we need to take a look at the different platforms and how you can utilize them.

The Different Platforms for Social Media Marketing


With a user base of close to 5 million, you can see why brands in Tanzania put so much effort on Facebook. There are many Tanzanian users and thus a big market to exploit.

You need to understand that Facebook is a place people visit to relax, so keep that in mind when making content.

In order to take advantage of Facebook, it’s important that you have a Business fan page created. Next, post content regularly and engage with your audience.

Facebook has some limitations on how many people see your posts, so you might have to consider advertising on Facebook. Lucky for you, we know a great marketing agency for the job.


Similar to Facebook, Instagram has a growing user base in Tanzania. It’s probably because most of the social media users in the country prefer visual content.

A different strategy will be required to succeed on Instagram. Your content needs to be more visual (use pictures and videos).You might also want to use relevant hashtags with every post to help boost visibility (the number of people that see your post).

You can also host competitions and giveaways to help build brand awareness and improve engagement on your page.


LinkedIn can be a great source for a business that targets other businesses (B2B). It’s a social media service for professionals.

A strategy that we can advise you to use on LinkedIn is “establishing credibility”. You can do this by encouraging customers/clients to leave a recommendation on your profile. Furthermore, you can also place answers in the Questions section. Both of this will help establish your credibility.

Like any other social media, you can also run ads on the service, it’s not easy, but we’re here to help.

Any good social media campaign starts with the strategy used to implement it. If your strategy doesn’t have one of these elements, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Elements of a Good Social Media Marketing Strategy


You cannot start any strategy without goals. It’s your goals that will guide you on which social media works best for your business and how to target your audience.


Objectives and goals go hand in hand. Objectives help you establish when a goal has been achieved. It’s an important parameter when establishing any strategy. Always have clear objectives to ensure success.

Buyer Persona

We can’t stress this enough. As a business, you need to ensure that you know your ideal customer. You need to know who you’re going to target. A buyer persona will normally consist of age, occupation, obstacles and much more. In short, it’s a description of your ideal customer.

social media marketing, buyer determination

Here is an example of a buyer persona template from Tony Zambito


Any good business will always keep an eye on its competitors. It’s very likely that your competitors might also be doing social media marketing.

You should always pay attention to what they do (content posted, replies to comments) and most importantly their engagement.

Engagement gives you a general idea of whether their strategy is working or not.

Content Strategy

Social media without content is nothing. You need to have a good content strategy to be successful. The content strategy to be adopted depends on the target market as well as the social media channel being used.

Coming up with a good content strategy can be difficult, thus consider outsourcing the task to a good marketing agency.

You can also read this article from Entrepreneur to help gain a bit more understanding of social media marketing.

How Social Media Marketing can improve your business

All you need to know is that this form of marketing offers a cost-effective means of reaching out to your target audience.

In addition, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for building brand awareness and driving sales. They give you a chance to talk directly to your audience and understand how your market perceives the product/service offered.

There isn’t a better time to take advantage of social media in Tanzania. As a business, you should have social media as part of your marketing strategy. The trend is upwards, don’t wait till its too late.

Social Media marketing needs to be done right for it to be effective. We can offer a comprehensive social media strategy that meets your goals and helps your business. get in touch with us for more info