As a business, you always have to be on top of the trends to keep afloat and ahead of competitors. Trust us on this one, as a web designers, we understand the importance of keeping an eye on market trends.

Missing a trend could have a major impact on your business, think Blockbuster and Netflix. With that said, let us introduce you to a new trend in the Tanzanian market that is the ongoing growth of online users. This new trend has caused a shift in how businesses operate.

A variety of businesses have decided to embrace social media  in a bid to stay relevant in the market. In fact, as a side note, we have also noticed people are starting businesses based on social media platforms. As a business, you need to give credibility to your potential customers and having just a social media business page is not enough.

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Can My Product Be Sold Online?

There is a common misconception among many business owners, here in Tanzania and abroad. Many hold a common belief that traditional advertising techniques such as TV and radio are the only options to maximize sales and growth.

This might not be entirely false, but their need for a website can’t be ignored. As said earlier, more people are going online thanks to the use of smartphones and the influence of social media. The Tanzanian online market is open and ripe for the picking.

No matter the size of your company, it is important to be able to reach potential customers in a massive, easy and cost effective way. The Internet is the best place for it. While there are many social networks where you can advertise for free or for a small fee. A website itself raises the prestige of the company and allows your potential customers to increase the level of confidence in your product or service.

There is no better time to start growing your business online presence and get yourself a website, than now!

Why every business should get a Website

  • Increase your reach

The purpose of all our advertising and marketing is to position your brand in the consumer’s mind. The more we hear of a particular product, the more it will stick in our minds. If you have a website everyone with Internet access (Rapidly increasing in Tanzania) can know everything about your business or company in seconds. They can keep updated and engaged with news and promotions. The number of potential customers will increase considerably and the experience of actual customers will be even better.

  •  Always Accessible

This point is important. How many times have your potential customers tried to contact the business only to find out that the office hours have passed? How many times have you had to explain your business to potential customers who enquire about it? A website makes all the above easier.

In addition to that, a website/social media page is always available, all the time 24/7. If a customer needs to inquire about the business, they can simply go to the website.

  •  Provides a good first impression

The first impression always matters. This rings true in personal lives, but also when running a business. Service based operations are mostly dependent on ensuring that they provide a good picture to their potential customers.

It’s because of this, we always recommend using good web design services in Tanzania. In today’s world, a potential customer will first view your website before coming to your actual physical location. A strong website will provide the potential customer with all that they need making it easier for them to pass good judgment and even recommend your brand.

  • Competitive advantages

Having a good website can be the advantage that differentiates you from your competition.. It is convenient for your customers and will connect them to your business so they can be aware of your news, offers and information in a simple and attractive way keeping them away from your competitors. 

  •   It’s cost effective

As a small business, you always need to think outside of the box. Think of different ways to increase revenue for growth while keeping expenditure at a minimum. Advertising for businesses is always a head ache due to costs.

Newspaper ads, as well as TV and radio, tend to cost a lot of money and the return might not be equivalent. A website offers a middle ground. Sure, the initial setup costs tend to be high (this is dependent on who you work with), but the maintenance costs tend to be low.

Hiring a company that offers good web design services in Tanzania ensures that you get a well-designed and optimized website. A proper website can portray a lot more to the customer (for a long period of time) than the traditional methods of advertising can at the same price point


It’s important that you as a business owner capitalize on this trend. How you ask? Well by contacting us, one of the best Web design services in Tanzania. We can provide you with a strong website that communicates your message well and keeps you visible to potential customers and on top of competitors.