To have professional results on your website and overall corporate image, it is imperative to have a good web hosting service.

Main features of a Good Hosting Service

The first thing to know is that cheap in the end can be expensive. A reputable web hosting provider should offer quality services, good speed and additional options for all types of users at an affordable price. Here are some other features that they should have:

Fast Server speeds

You have probably heard it time and again, Google considers load time when ranking websites. The reasoning behind this is because web users don’t like long loading times. You should know that Google wants to provide the best user experience, thus the importance of load time.

It’s imperative that your site loads quickly to rank high and to keep your visitors happy. Fast loading speed must be guaranteed so as not to lose visitors or potential customers.

Good Customer Support

Another mandatory feature that a good web hosting service provider must have is customer support. As a business owner, you need to have all problems solved as soon as they occur.  A good example of this is e-commerce companies that, thanks to globalization, sell to international markets and need round the clock support. Good support will ensure that any incident/problem with the site will be resolved in the shortest possible time.

Good Bandwith & Large Disk Capacity

It is also important for your hosting service to have good bandwidth and a large disk capacity. For this, it is necessary to offer a service according to the needs of each user.

Scalability is something to take into account since the web hosting for a company of 10 employees is not the same as that of one with 300 employees. Therefore, a good web hosting service will be able to adapt to the client in case the business grows in the near future.

A simple control panel, FTP accounts, databases, number of domains and data transfer are other features that all hosting should include. It is preferable to bet on a good web hosting service even though it can be more expensive.Remember you are betting on the image of your company on the internet.

GTMETRIX; A Tool to Measure Load Times

The competition is very fierce and the line separating success and failure is measured in seconds. If you want to do a test on the performance of your website simply go to GTMETRIX .

It’ll show the score of your page. An A or B score is good, any score lower means some optimizations are needed. If the optimizations are too much for you to handle, then contact us, we’d be happy to help.

It is difficult for a web hosting service in Tanzania to meet these requirements. However, our service is one of those exceptions and, undoubtedly, its quality surprises.