Someone who decides to create a blog wants to share something or educate a particular audience. We talk about content in general, whatever the format (text, audios, videos, photos, etc.). The purpose of a good blog should always be to share something of value, something relevant, something important and something personal as well.

In short, something worth reading.

A blogger is usually in a constant state of schizophrenia searching to capture new readers while struggling between writing for them or for Google.

What are the differences between writing a personal blog and a professional blog?

If I could divide blogs into 2 classes, I would probably do it between a professional blog and personal blog. The first describes those in which the author seeks to achieve economic gain, while the second kind is meant for authors who only seek to express their opinion.There is a unique style of writing that needs to be adapted for each blog type.

How to write a personal blog?

Here you have total freedom to write as you want. You do not have to please anyone but yourself. In this scenario, the blog is a hobby rather than a business. Enjoy, write and transfer all your ideas from your mind to the blog without thinking much about the economic benefit (that surely will be 0).

How to write a professional blog?

Here things change. You will need to think a lot about who you write for, how you write, how to position in Google and the ideal path from your posts to your services or products. Everything is measured and you must take care of every word to hit your audience in the right way.

Let me share some tips

What to write in a blog and to whom?

# 1 Know your audience 

You must know your audience and understand their likes and needs. So, if you do not know anything about them, it will be difficult to prepare content that arouses their interests.

It is not only a question of their sex, age, location, interests or profession. It’s more about what/how you could help solve problems that really affect their day to day lives.

# 2 Write to be read

The other side of the coin is that you want to be read, which means that the topic of your entries is important, or more broadly, the overall editorial line of your blog.

You must get the miracle of not being boring, arousing interest and keeping their attention once your readers reach your blog for the first time.

You have to get visibility and drive traffic to your blog. There are thousands of ways to achieve this, some more intelligent than others, because they generate continuous flows of visits automatically. You’ve already got it, Google.

I am talking about the techniques to position you better in search engines (SEO). But I also talk about social networks and the rate of writing headlines that capture the attention and facilitate the viralization of your content.

I am talking about the techniques to position you better in search engines (SEO). Social networks are also included and don’t forget the headlines. They should capture the attention and facilitate the viralization of your content.

# 3 Writing can be time-consuming 

There is another parameter that you should take into account. Writing is really time consuming. You should always look for ways to make it easier.

For Instance, have you considered hiring a freelancer? Would not you go faster recording it and paying for a transcription from mp3 to text? Be creative!!

How to Make Your Blog Standout

1. Think about your ideal client: it is useless to write if you do not know who you are writing for. You need to make the readers feel that you are writing for them. They have to think that everything you write is destined to solve their needs or problems. And that is only achieved by defining your ideal reader.

2. Give “the title” the importance it deserves: the best techniques to write will not help you if you do not know how to present your content the right way. We will cover this topic on our next tutorial

3. Always format your articles appropriately: on the Internet, it’s not worth writing without stopping and clicking the publish button. To write a professional blog you need to space the paragraphs, add images, use the Heading (H2, H3, …) tags and many other things. You need to know how to format blog posts for SEO and high ranking.

4. Think SEO: Most of your online visits will come from Google, but if you do not think about it when writing you will never get organic visits. Follow this great Onpage SEO Checklist  and read our 10 Good SEO practices

5. Link internally and externally: so that your readers do not leave your blog after reading your entry, it is advisable to include links to other articles in your blog. And a great technique to get visitors is to link to posts of other bloggers, who will come to see who has been linked and share the post on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Copy writing and blog creation can be a hard task, but it’s definitely worth it. We have in house copy writing and web design experts that can help push your business further,just get in touch with us  to see how we can help