How we increased sales by 50% using Facebook / Instagram Advertising

Ultimately every business wants to increase sales and Msasani City Mall was no different. They were looking to take advantage of the Saba Saba holiday to improve sales as well as their brand awareness. The main objective for them was to attract people to their Saba Saba booth located at the trade fair and eventually the mall.


The main challenge for us was, to meet objectives in such a short period of time with a small budget. After much thought, we got the conclusion that a Facebook campaign should be the best choice given their target audience.

Through this medium, we were able to increase sales, capture a database of users and attract visitors to their mall at a fraction of the cost (in comparison to what you’d pay for TV and billboards). Allow us to explain how we achieved this.

The Tools We Used to Get Results

We used a:

  • Landing Page
  • Lead Magnets
  • Contact Form
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads

The objectives of the Landing page were:

  • Capture a database of users visiting the site
  • Make the users aware of the mall and the different brands they offer

Landing page Tanzania

Landing Page made by InstudioTZ


The lead magnet is what attracts the user to provide us with their contact information. This can be anything from a discount offer on certain products to a free gift. We used different lead magnets throughout the campaign. At first, we used a 50% discount on prices, the results were okay, but a significant boost was noticed when we chose to use the “Eid gift voucher” offer worth TZS 200,000.

A contact form was placed on the landing page to ensure the lead would be able to sign up for the offer.

Finally, the Facebook and Instagram Ads. These two platforms (Facebook and Instagram) are what we used to get Msasani City Mall the results they required.

What you should know is that there is a great need for testing and optimizing to ensure success on any online advertising campaign. You need to try different strategies and ads and pick the one that performs best. In our case, we run a set of different ads at different time periods. We later choose one ad that seemed to outperform all the rest (the one pictured below).


The Results from the Campaign

The campaign, in the end, was a success. We were able to achieve some amazing results for Msasani City Mall. The results will be divided into Primary results and Secondary results.

The secondary results were the added value that was provided to Msasani City Mall. It wasn’t a part of their objectives.

Primary Results

  • More Visits to the Mall location and Saba Saba

The first primary objective was to increase visitors to their mall and Saba Saba stand. The campaign was able to achieve this as they did report an increase in visitors to the mall.

  • Increased Sales

The main aim of increasing visits was to get more sales. The Mall was able to register a 50% increase (based on the past year sales) by the end of the campaign.

Secondary Results

  • Traffic Increase to the Website

Facebook ads were very effective. At its peak, we had close to 1,000 visitors per day. In total (during the 9 days of the campaign), we had close to 7,000 users visiting the site, with close to 5,000 of them being unique visitors.

Analytics Tanzania Case Study

  • Creation of a Database

Through the landing page, we were able to generate 739 subscribers. The database was handed over to the management of the mall to use for future marketing efforts.

  • Increase in Page Views and Likes

During the campaign, we were also able to improve some few metrics on the Msasani City Mall Facebook page. The Facebook page saw close to a 1000% increase in page views (1,454 people viewed the page), more than 14,000% increase in page likes (2,577 people liked the page) and more than 8000% increase in post engagement (60,342 people liked/shared posts from the page).

Facebook Advertising stats Case Study Tanzania



Facebook advertising can be quite advantageous for businesses. It can offer a cost-effective way of increasing sales and brand awareness. It is especially useful for SME´s with small budgets that want to get their message across. Take in mind every product or service has different target audiences thus their online advertising strategies have to be different and use different approaches and platforms.


Facebook is a growing platform in Tanzania, any business not partaking in it is missing out. If you’re looking to push your business to the next step via Facebook marketing, then feel free to contact us. We have a team of experts that can help you achieve your goals.