Email Marketing is a technique of communication with the user in which the email is used to attract potential customers or retain regular ones.

It is a direct channel to the user that allows you to adapt the content to each consumer and thus to obtain a greater return on the investment.

Good segmentation is key in an Email Marketing strategy.

Email marketing is direct, but not invasive. The user normally provides their email willingly and agrees to the service. There are many tools to create, launch and measure the results of your campaign. We can help you build up your own user base and train you on how to properly utilize them.

Taking into account that Email Marketing reaches a ROI of 4.300%, great results can be obtained with minimal investment.

Conclusion: Email Marketing is an excellent channel of communication. You get to provide information that can peak interest in your users and get them further down the sales funnel. This form of marketing can also help you get clients that you can turn to repeat customers.

It gives you a gateway to inform your clients (new and old) of information about new products and services.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Email Marketing

Some of the most powerful reasons why email is still more alive than ever, according to the ExactTarget study:

  • Email has a much longer lifecycle than social networks
  • 91% of marketers check email at least once a day
  • 80% of consumers prefer email as a marketing communication channel
  • Email marketing has a ROI of 4300%
  • The email works at all times within the methodology of content marketing or Inbound Marketing, regardless of the state in the cycle of purchase of our user.


The most important thing about email marketing is to know who you are targeting. Establish a buyer-persona that allows you to know who you are addressing and what content is useful for each one of them. Knowing the needs, interests and who your buyer is, allows you to make segmented and personalized content that hits the spot.

Timing is vital and, therefore, content must be ad-hoc depending on the user’s buying cycle. Ensure that you do not send the same content if the user is in the stage of awareness or the stage of consideration. Also, the difficulty of the content should be greater as you progress through the funnel.

And to finish…


Ten keys to keep in mind:

  • Have a single and well-defined objective (generate new leads ?increase awareness ?educate users?)
  • Give value, do not ask for it
  • Always send the email from a personal perspective rather than as a company
  • Customize the emails
  • Get to the point. Don´t make false promises
  • Use call to actions that allow you to follow the flow with the user
  • Always focus on benefits
  • Optimize and analyze: do not take anything for granted or think that something works, keep trying

Email Marketing needs a precise and effective campaign to be successful. If you are looking for ways to grow your client base via email get in touch with us